How to unlock second pendant slot maplestory

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This completely overwrites the stats and slots on the Sweetwater item, while resetting the potential of the item to the rank of the item transposed. This also carries all of the stars over, minus 1. If the item transposed had less slots than the Sweetwater Item, you may scroll it for more stats.

Jan 25, 2016 · You heard it. Many have asked and here I deliver. This is absolutely FREE without spending any money on Cash Equipments for charm but it just takes a few hours of your life a day. You're already playing Maplestory. What's a few hours of your day, eh? Level 30 Charm 14,562 exp 10 days… endgame_guide [Maplestory 2 Wiki] - This stat will be different on every equip you find. You can reroll for new stats+amounts. If using scrolls you can also: Lock lines/ammounts and/or Reroll just the ammounts Gem slots: Only found on Earrings, Pendant, Rings. Gem slots are locked by default. After you unlock 'em you can equip stat gems here. More info on gems [Updated] Cash Shop Specials 7/20 - 7/26 | MapleStory Jul 20, 2016 · NOTE: These Cash Shop sales will be available following the game maintenance on July 20.. Double Miracle Time [Updated 7/21] July 23, 2016 in both Reboot and non-Reboot worlds. Double Miracle Time is coming back, with double the rates of a rank up!

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Nov 14, 2018 ... Unlock Boss-Tier Additional Options .... Designed by Global MapleStory player Ohmysweetie. ...... Coupon\n- 1 Package of 1st Heroes Pet\n- 1 Package of 2nd Heroes Pet\n- 1 Full Package ..... Pendant Slot Coupon (30 days)

Maplestory 2 FAQ Compilation Guide MS2 | GamerDiscovery Oct 19, 2018 ... Maplestory 2 FAQ Compilation Guide holds answers to most, if not all of ... They initially create with 30 member slots, upgraded to 40 ... The guild base can be upgraded which allows more features to be unlocked. ..... If you can't afford to pursue socketed Kandura's Pendant or socketed Nutaman Earrings, ... Reaper's Pendant - BasilMarket Jul 23, 2016 ... Look's like it could make a great second pendant. Jul 23 2016 ... MapleStory ... @funkyflame skill you unlock after you do princess no prequest ... Level 150, 1 slot, 15 all stat, 25 att/matt, free Heaven's door skill/buff every 60s. MapleStory/Professions — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough ...

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Full Maplestory 2 Mesos Stock, Cheap Maplestory 2 Mesos!Nue - (Need 50 closeness with Ibaraki to finish the quest to unlock him.) Ramen from the NPC shop in Mushroom Shrine, Melting Cheese OR Reindeer Milk.How Do You Feel About MapleStory Flames System. How To Unlock Relic Third Slot - Hunter - Monster WoW… You need to increase your weapon rank to 13+ then the weapon automatically unlock the last relic slot, same goes for all artifact weapons not only for Hunter.I'm not sure how artifact knowledge affect artifact power gains. As far as i know artifact knowledge is still bugged right? so i've been waiting for it to fix. How To Unlock The Full 7 Slots In The Point Slot… There are multiple ways you can unlock the full 7 slots (default is now 5). Below is a list of actions you can do and yes it’s stackable!Now you must do the follow to unlock it each day: Comment on a blog post in the past 4 days Post in the forum in the past 2 days Get daily chat room points within the past... How to Play Two "Maplestory" Accounts on One Computer In "MapleStory" this will allow you to adventure a new, lower level hero, with your own higher level hero. Multi-boxing can also allow you to trade itemsAlthough you can download third party software that is often faulty, the easiest way to multi-box with " MapleStory" will be by running two different...