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dry board: a call defines the players range a lot more than wet board, usually involved 2ndpair or slowplayed hand; dry board: betting the turn looks like the nuts; well you said very wet very dry so YMMV. Connected board/Dry board I always bet. But I've lost a lot of monies doing this with a ultraLAG table rep, fuck.

A Quick Way To Think About Flop Texture | Red Chip Poker Ed Miller thinks 'wet' and 'dry' aren't the ideal ways to categorize flop textures. ... of another eight) leave the board just as dynamic, primed to feature a river card ... Wet Board Definition Poker - Poker King Blog Wet Board Definition - what does the term wet board mean in the world of poker? ... If you are holding Aces, you would rather see a "dry board" - something like ... WET BOARD definition poker | Poker dictionary Double chance · Double or Nothing · Double Suited · Downcard · Downswing · Doyle Brunson · Draw · Drawing Dead · Drawing Thin · Dry Board · Dry Side Pot.

If there are numerous draw possibilities, the flop will often be referred to as being a ‘wet board’, whereas a flop that brings very little or no draw possibilities will be referred to as a ‘dry board’. Here are two examples of typical wet and dry boards: Wet board: T 9 7 Dry board: K 8 2

Here are two examples of typical wet and dry boards: Wet board: T h 9 s 7 h. Dry board: K d 8 c 2 s. The more draw possibilities there are on the board, the ... Question on CBet bet sizings | Run It Once Oct 22, 2016 ... ... would we still bet 1/2 pot on the dry board, and 70-pot on the wet board? ... Grinder's Manual is a good summary of collective poker wisdom ... Continuation betting: The Ultimate Cbet Strategy Guide [2018]

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This is a discussion on What is a 'dry board' ? within the online poker forums, in the General Poker section; Title says it all really. I came across the term in this context... Yeti Theorem - A ... Wet Board - Poker Terms - PokerVIP a 'Wet Board' refers to a board of cards where it's highly likely that your opponent has hit a strong card, or at least connected with the board in some way. For example, a board containing both flush draws, straight draws and broadway cards would be consider extremely wet. The opposite of a dry board. Dry board in poker what does it mean | Poker dictionary

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